Welcome to 2020

Welcome to the North Michigan Conference 


Thanks for checking out our website.  I trust you will find what you need, or at least the phone number/e-mail of the person who can help you.
I am blessed to be serving as the Superintendent of the North Michigan Conference, USA.  
Our Vision Statement:
Based on the foundation of forgiveness and connectionalism, God is leading us to build His kingdom in at least three key ways:  developing pastors and local church leadership, vitalizing every church, and beginning a church planting movement in Michigan.
Our Conference Goals:
We will increase the average Morning Worship Attendance of the church in the North Michigan Conference from 2000 to 3000 by December 31, 2019.  Secondly, we will have 10 church plants by December 31, 2019.
I am teaching material that I have put together from a variety of sources, and we call it, “Every Church Grows.”  It teaches pastors and church folks biblical principles, practical steps, and processes and perspectives for Kingdom growth.  It is a six-week course that allows for the students to practice what they learn.  We are focused on Church Worship Attendance because we believe that if we can get 1000 more people in our churches each Sunday morning, we will have more people hearing the gospel message, we will have more people accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, we will have more people being baptized, more people becoming members, more people growing into leaders, more people to carry the load of ministry, and more people to continue to grow the Kingdom.
We are prayerfully focusing our time, talents, and resources to these ends, believing that God will supply all we need to accomplish His desires in and through our conference.
We are always looking for new connection to accomplish the everlasting work of God.  Please pray with us as we seek God and continue the life-transformational work here in Northern Michigan.

Superintendent Thomas M. Doherty


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Resource Day – April 23, 2020
NMAC-20 – April 24-25, 2020
Evart Free Methodist Church
6151 – 95th Ave.
Evart, MI  49631
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