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Calvin Symposium on Worship – Jan. 20 – Feb. 1, 2020   
This is being recommended to pastors and worship leaders as a “first-class training opportunity with a nation-wide following,” by Dr. Ron White, our Dean of Students, North Michigan School of Ministry.  Elective credit is available (one per day) to any CMC who attends a full day and writes a paper on what was learned.
Registrations can be for the full event or by the day.  
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Schedule of Classes
Fall/Winter 2019/2020:  The Cross of Christ (Independent Study)   (2 credits)   
This class will meet twice to discuss work.  
Dates will be determined once participants have registered.
         Class dates:  To be determined
         (location:  To be determined)
   Time:  To be determined
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   Syllabus – click here
Winter 2019/2020:  Systematic Theology  (3 credits)    
Class dates:  December 7, 2019, January 4, February 1, March 7,2020 
       (location:  The Springs Church, Cedar Springs)  
   9 AM – 12 PM (December)
   9 AM – 4 PM (January, February, March)
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   Syllabus – click here
Winter:  Systematic Theology  (3 credits)  (SEE ABOVE)
Spring:  Romans  (3 credits)  
Summer:  Spiritual Formation  (2 credits)
Fall:  Wesleyan Theology  (3 credits)
Winter:  Christ and the Cross  (3 credits)  
Spring:  Free Methodist History & Polity  (2 credits)
Summer:  Open
Fall:  Old Testament Survey  (3 credits)
Winter:  New Testament Survey  (3 credits)
Spring:  Theology of Worship  (3 credits)