NEW  Please note:  the course fee has increased from $50/credit hour to $65/credit hour. 
This change is effective with the upcoming Preaching class, beginning on July 20, 2021.
This info is also reflected in the Registration Form.
(newly added:  2015 Book of Discipline, 2016 MEG Manual, The LMC Journey (Leading People, Following Jesus) 
Registration Form  (Open to all.  You may register for classes below at any time)
Schedule of Classes     
All classes listed below are now 3 credits and are under a 3-year rotation.  A syllabus is linked below for each class (some are in the works), as well as an online Evaluation, which is to be submitted once all course work is completed.
Year 1                                                                                                                                                                                   
Spring:  1 & 2 Timothy (Inductive)                                       Syllabus        Evaluation              
Summer:  Spiritual Care & Counseling                                  Syllabus         Evaluation
Fall:  Wesleyan Theology                                                        Syllabus        Evaluation
Winter:  Interpretation & Biblical Theology                        Syllabus        Evaluation      
Additional class offering
FM History & Polity                                                                  Syllabus        Evaluation        
Year 2
Spring 2021:  Leadership & Administration                       Syllabus        Evaluation        
Summer 2021:  Preaching (Homiletics)                               Syllabus        Evaluation           
Fall 2021:  Old Testament Survey  NEW                                Syllabus        Evaluation
             2021 Session:  SATURDAYS – Sept. 25, Oct. 30, Dec. 4 – (with Zoom option)
             Link to Register (above)
             Syllabus (separate 2021 version)
             9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
             Location:  The Woods FMC, Stanwood 
Winter 2022:  Apocalyptic Studies                                                             Evaluation
Year 3
Spring 2022:  New Testament Survey                                                         Evaluation
Summer 2022:  Theology of Worship                                  Syllabus         Evaluation
Fall 2022:  Church History                                                                            Evaluation
Winter 2023:  Systematic Theology                                    Syllabus        Evaluation
Miscellaneous Classes
Pastoral Care & Spiritual Formation                                  Syllabus       Evaluation
SCHOOL OF MINISTRY SCHEDULE OBJECTIVE – The schedule is based on the Conference year running from Spring to Spring, with the view of CMCs completing course work for Spring ordination at Annual Conference.
TYPICAL CLASS DAYS/TIMES – Spring (April, May, June), Summer (July, August), Fall (September, October, November),
Winter (January, February, March)  Classes are typically held one or two Saturdays of each month; meeting times may vary.
TYPICAL CLASS LOCATIONS – Locations may vary (most common are The Springs Church in Cedar Springs and The Woods in Stanwood.
COURSE REGISTRATION – These classes are open to anyone interested, regardless of ordination status.  We hope that those already serving in local church ministry will join us in taking classes as a form of continuing education and professional growth.  
CMC COHORT GROUP – (CMCs only) The following classes will be linked to Cohort groups which will provide practical application opportunities:  Church Multiplication & Mission, Preaching, and Leadership & Administration.  Each of these Practicum components will be given 1 credit.  We recommend that the Cohort groups meet every 5th Sunday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at one of our local churches.  Church locations are to be determined with the goal of each Cohort group visiting 12 different churches over the three-year period of training.  
COST – The cost (per credit hour) is $65.  A 3-credit class, for example, would be $195.00NEW
Rev. 7/2021