(newly added:  2015 Book of Discipline, 2016 MEG Manual, The LMC Journey (Leading People, Following Jesus) 
Schedule of Classes             
Fall:  Pastoral Care and Spiritual Formation (3 credits)  NEW
            (or may be audited for continuing education)     
Class dates:  October 3, 31, and November 21
       (@ Grand Rapids, New Hope FMC)
       (time:  9:30 AM)
       (instructors:  Mike & Victoria Swenson)
       (focus:  pastoral self-care, both spiritual & emotional, family crisis situations,
                     & emotionally healthy leadership in the local church)
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   Syllabus – to follow
Winter:  Christ and the Cross  (3 credits)  
Spring:  Leadership (2 credits)  
Summer:  Open
Fall:  Old Testament Survey  (3 credits)
Winter:  New Testament Survey  (3 credits)
Spring:  Theology of Worship  (3 credits)
Summer:  Open  
Fall:  Hebrews and the Old Testament (3 credits)  
Winter:  Systematic Theology  (3 credits)  
Spring:  Wesleyan Theology  (3 credits)  
Summer:  Open  
Fall:  Interpretation (2 credits)  
Winter:  Inductive Bible Study  (2 credits)  
Spring:  Preaching  (3 credits)