Thoughts from the Superintendent
Superintendent Tom is looking for partners in Mid and North Michigan to work with to grow the Kingdom of God. What he is looking for are Persons of Peace. A Person of Peace is someone whose heart God has prepared with the desire to help with the mission God is sending others on. God is asking him to partner with at least two groups of people in the next year to help start new works. He is willing to work with people in the Mid and North Michigan area, but he is especially drawn to the Clare, Cadillac, and the area around the city of Lake. If God is stirring your heart at all to be a part of a group of people who will bring new life to those around you, please contact Supt. Tom at If we unite in the power and the leadership of the Spirit of God, we can change lives. Supt. Tom says he needs to do this and asks the question, “How about you?” He can also help those in and around the greater Grand Rapids area. He has a bit of experience with church planting and multiplication and would love to help anyone who wants to grow Christ’s Kingdom.

“Relationship is Key”